As Ankara Hadde Bakır Sanayi Ticaret LTD.Şti. we will fulfill the commitments we have for our current customers and the commitments we will have for our future customers with high quality and trust, and no mistake. As we do our job in the best possible way, we will ensure 100% customer pleasure, no matter how much it financially takes. By creating a pioneer and always-preferred company in our own branch, we will get into international market with international quality and experience.

For this purpose;
Our policy, opinions and aims are embraced by all of our employees
- Our customers' understanding of quality is adopted by our personnel
- All of our personnel work in the same consciousness
- We design our plans and projects beforehand and inform our employees accordingly
- We get the most efficient work from our employees and exchange ideas with them
- Our activities are fully coordinated.
Most importantly, we will take constant improvement as the mission of our company and apply in the best way.